1. "Lucas" Advanced Agility Drill
    Lucas loves agility! Watch Megan handle the obstacle discrimination, calling Lucas off the tunnel and into the weaves at the 3rd obstacle. Another tough challenge taking the back side of the jump following the A-Frame.
  2. "Wynton" learning to DOCK DIVE!
    Wynton the Border Collie is an agility star! Now he and his mom, Linda Kipp, have decided DOCK DIVING is a pretty fun addition to unwind, exercise, and DIVE! This was his first time dock diving!
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  4. "Fly" Scent Work Class, Interior Search
    Watch "Fly" clear everything in this room to find 3 tricky hides. She is such a thorough searcher!
  5. Fast Action's Natural Disaster "Quake"
    Quake running Time To Beat (aka T2B) at just under 2 years of age. She had amazing obstacle focus and directional commands helping her to win this challenging class!
  6. Come Dock Dive with us!
    Our 2017 Season was a blast!