From puppies to adult dogs, we have classes for every stage of your dog's life.  We offer a variety of foundation classes for the family dog, unique dog sports for active dogs and competition classes for owners who are seeking the ultimate challenge in canine teamwork.  With limited class sizes, all our programs are designed to help dogs learn in a fun, positive environment without an abundance of distractions, and every dog and handler team will have plenty of one-on-one instruction.   We create fun, structured classes so dogs are more relaxed, more willing to learn, and the lessons will stick with them as a positive experience and become a lifestyle habit.  After all, our goal is to teach your dog how to be your "best dog ever"!

​​ $125/7 weeks

*Puppy Prep School is open to puppies up to 6 months of age. This class is designed to start puppies off on the right paw and help them learn lifelong family skills.  We place an emphasis on basic obedience, manners and  foundational skills to set your puppy up for a lifetime of happiness in your home.  Additionally, puppies will learn to navigate simple obstacles, building focus and confidence.  Puppy Prep School is a must for new puppies! 
*Novice Obedience is open to dogs over 6 months of age with little or no prior obedience training.  Basic obedience skills will be taught in fun ways, building a powerful bond between handler and dog.  With increasing challenges each week, your dog will learn to remain focused and enjoy making good decisions.   Your dog will leave this class with skills such as sit, down, stay, come, settle, touch and walking on a loose leash.
*Intermediate Obedience is open to dogs who have successfully completed Novice Obedience.  We are certain you will have so much fun with Novice Obedience you will want to continue on to the next level!  Building on the strong foudational skills obtained in the Novice class, your dog will learn to work with more precision and with more distractions.  New skills and games will be introduced as well.
*Advanced Obedience takes your dog's skills to a whole new level!  Want to teach your dog hand signals, retrieving specific objects on command or heeling off leash?  Are you headed for competition obedience or Rally-Obedience?  This is the class for you!  Advanced Classes continue to build on your dog's foundational skills as well as introducing new skills with higher levels of difficulty.  The possibilities are endless!  

*Rally-Obedience uses basic obedience moves to navigate a "course" laid out with signs. The handler/dog teams will learn to navigate the Rally signs which are a combination of sits, downs, stays and heeling manuevers. Rally is a fun and exciting way to promote a positive working relationship between handler and dog with opportunities to earn titles, or you can just take this class for a great night out with your dog!
    AGILITY CLASSES $125/7 weeks
Learn to zoom through an obstacle course with your four-legged teammate running, jumping and weaving your way to victory!  Whether you are looking for a fun way to exercise your dog and engage his brain, or you want to compete in agility competitions, we can help to get you there.  Dog agility is a great, athletic sport that can work as an effective outlet for busy dogs, helping to give them a fun, safe way to burn off some energy.  Agility is a great activity for dogs who need a bit more exercise, too.  Any dog can play, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and everything in between.  Our agility classes can be tailored  to accommodate dogs with many types of physical challenges.   We will make sure you and your dog learn how to safely navigate each obstacle, and above all, have a blast doing it! 
*Intro to Agility is open to dogs over 6 months of age who do not have any previous agility experience.  In this class, dogs will learn the verbal command for each obstacle, and how to safely perform on the equipment.  
*Novice Agility is open to dogs over 8 months of age who have completed Intro or comparable.  At this level, dogs will build on the skills they've learned in the Intro Class, and begin sequencing multiple obstacles at a time.  Handlers will begin learning how to walk courses and some fancy footwork as well!
*Intermediate and Advanced Agility classes are available to dogs who have successfully completed the foundation agility classes. 
If you need assistance in choosing which class is right for your dog, please contact us for a placement evaluation.
         CANINE  SCENT WORK ​$145/ 7 weeks

Dogs have amazing noses!  Want to teach your dog a new activity which doesn't require lots of space and equipment?  Your dog already knows how to use his nose, now let's teach him to use it to find specific odors.   The sport of Canine Scent Work is inspired by Working Detection Dogs who are specially trained to find drugs, explosives or even cancer cells.  This training activity develops your dog’s natural scenting abilities through fun and games.  Scent work helps to improve communication between you and your dog, engages them in a stimulating activity, and helps to build confidence and focus.   Your dog will learn to located specific odors hidden in containers, room interiors, building exteriors and vehicle exteriors.  Not all scent work (also called Nose Work) classes are created equally.  We will teach your dog how to begin locating a specific odor (birch) on the very first day of class.  


Keep your dog fit in mind and body!  If your dog is headed for a career in agility, dock diving, fly ball or just going along on your mountain hikes, he will benefit from this class.  We utilize equipment such as a specialized canine treadmill, wobble boards, elevated planks and inflatable discs to teach dogs body awareness, helping them to stengthen their core in a fun and healthy way.  This class will help to build confidence while teaching manners, focus, balance and even teaching your dog "how to learn" setting the stage for success.  Your dog will thank you for having such a fun and creative way to burn off some of his energy in a healthy way!  Canine Core is also a great choice for dogs in need of a bit of weight loss and to dogs recovering from injuries.  
DOCK DIVING & SWIMMING ​prices vary by service

Fast Action Dogs has the first competition dock diving pool in New Mexico!  Whether your dog enjoys leaping into the river after their favorite toy, needs the physical exercise and conditioning only swimming can provide, or wants to compete in the largest canine water sport in the world, our pool may be just the place for you.  We offer a variety of options from private and small group sessions, to group dock diving events.  The pool is open seasonally from May thru October.  


We offer several seminars and workshops each year.  Our Emergency and First Aid Workshop teaches owners how to provide initial supportive care to their dogs in the event of a major medical event.  Some of the topics covered are CPR, Heimlich Maneuver, assessing vitals, bandaging wounds, snake bite care, heat stroke, gastric bloat/torsion and toxicities.